Octodad 1.5.3

Crazy octopus adventure!


  • Great idea!
  • Funny story and gameplay


  • Can be awkward
  • Some camera angle issues

Very good

Octodad is an undercover octopus, who loves his human family but has to hide his real identity. This is a pretty hard job, because his limbs aren't well designed for household chores!

In this really fun and very strange game, you'll have to perform tasks in front of various people without them getting suspicious that you're an octopus. Luckily, they are pretty easy to fool, and won't mind Octodad's octopus head! Can you fool everyone, and complete your secret plan?

Developed at DePaul University in Chicago, Octodad is unlike anything you've played before. It has two control modes, arm and leg, which are toggled with the space bar. The A and D keys let you look around, while the mouse controls your octo-limbs. Octodad's fun comes from how awkward Octodad is to control; while in many games this would be a criticism, here it makes you really feel you're an Octopus!

Walking isn't too hard, but it looks hilarious, as you control one leg at a time, wobbling around. Performing tasks like clearing a table with your tentacle is great fun, and all of Octodad is infused with a ridiculous humor that will push you on even when it gets tricky.

Octodad is a tough game, but it's consistently hilarious and bizarre. While the camera angles could be improved sometimes, it's such a breath of fresh air that gamers everywhere should check it out. If you're tired of macho shooters like Call of Duty, Octodad will be your savior!



Octodad 1.5.3

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